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Behind the Trial: iCare for Cancer Patients

Published: Dec 19th, 2017

Dr. Christopher Cogle, M.D., discusses one of his active clinical trials for blood cancer patients.


Video: Advanced Concentration in Cancer Biology

Published: Dec 13th, 2017

The mission of the Cancer Biology Concentration is to train the next generation of cancer biologists to make significant contributions to basic and translational research in cancer prevention and diagnosis.


Dr. Steven Madore named Associate Director for Core Technologies

Published: Oct 13th, 2017

The University of Florida Health Cancer Center is pleased to announce that Steven Madore, Ph.D., has been appointed the center’s associate director for core technologies. In this role, Dr. Madore […]

Florida Academic Cancer Center Alliance renews Florida Pancreas Collaborative funding

Published: Aug 23rd, 2017

An overarching goal of this line of research is to reduce the burden of pancreatic malignancy.

Dr. Merry-Jennifer Markham named Associate Director for Medical Affairs

Published: Aug 21st, 2017

Dr. Markham will be responsible for advancing the mission of the UFHCC to provide excellence in cancer care as well as facilitating the incorporation of clinical research into clinical oncology practice…

Research Landscapes: Olga Guryanova, Ph.D.

Published: Jul 7th, 2017

Video series highlights Dr. Bungert’s leukemia research.

Meet a Clinical Study Coordinator

Published: Jun 7th, 2017

We spoke with Christina Cline, R.N., recently to her to learn about what the role entails — including some of its most rewarding and and challenging aspects.

Dr. Betsy Shenkman named Associate Director for Population Sciences

Published: May 3rd, 2017

In this role, Dr. Shenkman will be responsible for overseeing the center-wide effort to reduce cancer-related disparities and burden through research in clinical and community settings that addresses prevention, treatment and survivorship.

Certain type of immune cells found in cancer and sepsis patients

Published: May 3rd, 2017

A study suggests that certain types of immune cells found in cancer — myeloid-derived suppressor cells, or MDSCs — are also present in certain patients diagnosed with severe sepsis and septic shock.

Alison Ivey named Associate Director of Clinical Trials for the UFHCC Clinical Trials Office

Published: Apr 25th, 2017

The University of Florida Health Cancer Center is pleased to announce that Alison M. Ivey, R.N., has been appointed associate director of clinical trials for the center’s clinical trials office.