Protocol Summary

Protocol No.: OCR13165

Study Title
Dendritic Cell (DC) and Tumor-Specific Cytotoxic T Cell (CTL) Generation Protocol from Healthy Volunteers and Patients with Malignant Brain Tumors

Principal Investigator(s)
Mitchell, Duane

The purpose of this project is to perform a series of studies aimed at developing a dendritic cell-based vaccine for patients with malignant brain tumors. In preparation for a Phase I clinical trial, we wish to validate our ability:

(1) To generate and phenotypically and functionally characterize large numbers of DCs generated from patients with malignant brain tumors;

(2) To optimize the efficiency of transfection of DCs with tumor RNA, and;

(3) To generate cytotoxic T lymphocyte reactivity to the tumor-specific antigens with these DCs.

Phase: NA

Age Group: Adult

Scope: Local

Detailed Eligibility
1. Adult healthy volunteers or malignant glioma patients who are at least 2 weeks post-surgery at time of leukapheresis.
2. Acceptable health history to allow blood product collection.
3. Weight > 50 kg and

Applicable Disease Sites
Brain and Nervous System

Participating Institutions
UF Gainesville : Nina McGrew

Nina McGrew, RN
Phone: +1 352-273-5519