Cancer-Aging Collaborative Team Grant Program

We are pleased to announce a new seed grant program to foster collaborations between UF Health Cancer Center (UFHCC) and UF Institute on Aging (IOA) researchers.  Such interactions can bring new and exciting directions and focus to an individual’s or a group’s research.


Aging has been determined to be an overarching theme that spans across all our cancer programs.  The UFHCC and the IOA have jointly identified six focus areas for collaborative research.  These topics were further discussed at a joint research retreat held in May 2015.  At this retreat, best ideas for research projects were identified.  These topics are provided as an example (see Appendix A), however applications do not have to be submitted from only those areas.

The goals of this collaborative team grant program are to:

  • Support a broadly based, multi-disciplinary research program with a well-defined major objective or theme;
  • Create synergies and collaborations between UFHCC and IOA researchers;
  • Stimulate applications for future program-type federal or national extramural funding;
  • Generate preliminary data, which will lead to larger peer reviewed extramural grants;
  • Address research questions that can only be accomplished through collaborations, networks, and consortia;
  • Develop strong intra-institutional research collaborations.