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UF Health Cancer Center ListServ

The UFHCC-News ListServ is one of the primary ways the UF Health Cancer Center keeps in touch with its members, graduate students, postdoctoral associates, UF staff and friends of the cancer center to share the latest information on ongoing activities of the center, including newsletters, conference and seminar announcements, public events, funding opportunities, research projects and other information of interest to the cancer research community.

If you would like to subscribe to our ListServ, please send an email to the UF Health Cancer Center with the following information: First Name, Last Name, UF ID, Department/College/Institution Affiliation, preferred email address, and telephone number.

Become a Cancer Center Member

The University of Florida Health Cancer Center exists to organize, facilitate, promote and support the growth and enrichment of a full spectrum of cancer research at the University. UF Gainesville faculty members are eligible for membership. Cancer Center members are eligible for associated Cancer Center services.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Cancer Center support of shared resources and facilities;
  • Clinical trials management services;
  • Intramural research funding opportunities;
  • Support for faculty recruitment and support;
  • Educational opportunities including Cancer Center Grand Rounds, “Topics in Cancer” seminar series, basic science lecture series, and inter-institutional collaborations;
  • Affiliation with defined cancer research programs and participation with disease site-specific clinical practice and research teams.

Responsibilities of membership:

  • Willingness to participate in Cancer Center leadership through service on committees; scientific leadership for shared resources, clinical trials, and research programs; and participation in symposia, seminars, and presentation of original science;
  • Commitment to interdisciplinary research efforts, co-authoring with Cancer Center colleagues in peer reviewed publications and grant applications, where applicable;
  • Allocation of the Center portion of the indirect cost returns to the Cancer Center;
  • Provision of copies of cancer related grant/contract applications to facilitate center planning for research programs and interdisciplinary initiatives;
  • Provision of periodic updates of publications, research support, NIH Biosketch, and other information that may be needed to fulfill requirements for NCI designation;
  • Submission of all clinical research protocols through the UFHCC Clinical Trials Office and for review by the SRC (Scientific Review Committee) and DISC (Data Integrity & Safety Committee);
  • Participation in Cancer Center Research Program meetings and retreats;
  • Service on Cancer Center committees.

Cancer Center administration will maintain membership information and facilitate recruitment of new members. The Cancer Center Leadership Committee, consisting of the Director and Associate Directors, will review and assign membership category, make membership assignments to research programs, and update the membership roster periodically. Faculty can apply for membership throughout the year and applications will be reviewed regularly.  The Director is responsible for final decisions for membership.

Research Programs

There are four research programs within our membership program: 1) Cancer Therapeutics & Immuno-Oncology (CTI), 2) Cancer Microbiota & Host Response (CMHR), 3) Cancer Genome & Epigenome Integrity (CGEI); and 4) Cancer Population Sciences (CPS). As a UFHCC member, you are welcome to be involved with any of these programs. The programs have periodic meetings, retreats, and invited speakers, along with some resources to assist in the program’s functions. You are encouraged to contribute to all these activities. Learn More

Membership Application

To request membership of the UF Health Cancer Center, fill out the online membership application.