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Our Research Programs

Cancer Therapeutics & Immuno-Oncology (CTI)

  • Novel vaccine approaches to immunotherapy for treating cancer, particularly brain tumors
  • Investigation of basic mechanisms of the immune response to tumors
  • Development of new small molecules against specific onco-genetic protein in cancers using computational chemical approaches

Cancer Microbiota & Host Response (CMHR)

  • Studies of the microbiome in health and disease and its relationship to the development of cancer
  • Oncogenic viral mechanisms
  • Use of viruses as therapeutic agents in cancer

Cancer Genome & Epigenome Integrity (CGEI)

  • The study of alterations in DNA methylation patterns in cancer
  • Alterations in histone methylations and demethylations in cancer and studies of mutations in epigenetic modifier proteins
  • The relationship of altered chromatin states in DNA damage and repair response

Cancer Population Sciences (CPS)

  • Use of collaborative big data collections to measure cancer outcomes across the state of Florida
  • Quantitative studies of cancer prevention, supportive care and survivorship

Cancer Center Boiler Plate for Inclusion in Grants

Writing a grant? Need text for a resources section? Boiler plate text describing the UF Health Cancer Center is available for cut and paste. If you need something specific for your application, contact Wendy Malorzo.

Special Project Funding Request

The UF Health Cancer Center Funding Request is designed to increase support of your programs by making the UFHCC leadership and development team aware of funding needs and opportunities throughout UF. Submissions will be shared with our Cancer Center Leadership Council, prospective donors, and potential investors. The information can also be used to showcase your research project, encourage collaborations of similar projects, and to identify projects that match the funding requirements for private foundation grants. Submit an application.

Shared Core Resources

Shared core resources are centralized instruments, technologies, and expertise available to members of the Cancer Center to facilitate efficient resource utilization and access to world-class capabilities for scientific researchers.