Celebrating life

On Saturday, June 25th, approximately 500 guests gathered in the Grand Ballroom at the Reitz Union for a celebration of life. Guests donned masks and decorative necklaces to match the masquerade theme, with shirts that read “Behind every mask there is a face and behind that, is a story…”

Starting in the 1990’s and occurring every two years, the UF Health Blood and Marrow Transplant Program hosts a reunion luncheon for bone marrow transplant recipients, donors, family members, caregivers and friends. At this year’s event, guests were able to reconnect with their nurses and doctors who cared for them during their recovery process. 

The UF Health BMT program began in 1981 and is the state’s longest established transplant program.Bone marrow transplant procedures replace damaged bone marrow with healthy bone marrow stem cells from donors.

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