UF Health Cancer Center at SITC 2023


The UF Health Cancer Center will be presenting at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) 38th Annual Meeting, held Nov. 1-5 in San Diego. SITC is the world’s leading member-driven organization specifically dedicated to improving cancer patient outcomes by advancing the science and application of cancer immunotherapy.

The full conference program is available here.

Young Investigator Award poster presentation

Multilamellar mRNA lipid particle aggregate vaccines safely reprogram the tumor microenvironment and induce objective radiographic response in canines

John Ligon, Brian Stover, Frances Weidert, Adam Grippin, Lana Fagman, Jonathan Chardon-Robles, Gabriel Jobin, Chao Xie, Duy Nguyen, Nicholas Diodati, W. Sawyer, Paul Castillo, Natalie Silver, Joanne Lagmay, Leighton Elliott, Eugene Hwang, Michael Isakoff, Lars Wagner, Rowan Milner, Duane Mitchell, Hector Mendez-Gomez, Elias Sayour

Poster presentations

Anti-CD47 and Anti-PDL1 immunotherapy synergize for anti-tumor activity in preclinical models of head and neck cancer

Nandini Rajaram Siva, Jin Dai, Jonathan Chardon-Robles, John Ligon, Frances Weidert, Elias Sayour, Emrullah Yilmaz, Daniel McGrail, Andrew Sikora, Roberto Rangel, Natalie Silver

Novel RNA-nanoparticle Vaccine for the Treatment of Early Melanoma Recurrence Following Adjuvant Anti-PD-1 Antibody Therapy

Bently Doonan, Christiana Shaw, Ji-Hyun Lee, Eugenio Manso, Hector Mendez-Gomez, Christina Von Roemeling, Duane Mitchell, Elias Sayour

Messenger RNA nanoparticles targeting Fusion-Driven Malignancies

Sadeem Qdaisat, Leighton Elliott, Dingpeng Zhang, Hector Mendez-Gomez, Elias Sayour

Immune responses and long term survival with mRNA vaccine targeting Diffuse Midline Glioma

Frances Weidert, Christina Von Roemeling, James McGuiness, Jonathan Chardon-Robles, Nagheme Thomas, Anna Devries, Sadeem Qdaisat, Dingpeng Zhang, Adam Grippin, Aida Karachi, Jianping Huang, Maryam Rahman, Elizabeth Ogando-Rivas, Paul Castillo, Eugene Hwang, Hector Mendez-Gomez, Natalie Silver, John Ligon, Elias Sayour

CAR T Cell Production Expands Endogenous T Cell Repertoire Recognizing Additional Tumor Antigen(s)

Alicia Hou, Linchun Jin, Haipeng Tao, Duane Mitchell, Jianping Huang

CA-4948 alters tumor associated macrophage activity in the tumor microenvironment of murine models of melanoma metastases

Bently Doonan, Christina Von Roemeling, Rylynn Russell, Amanda Acevedo, Savannah Carpenter, Nicholas Hincapie, Yousif Shakoury, Duane Mitchell

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