Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find currently open positions with the UF Health Cancer Center?

All of our open positions are hosted on the Careers at UF website, but for convenience you can also find them on our Careers page.

Does the Cancer Center provide tuition reimbursement?

The UF Employee Education Program, or EEP, is a university funded opportunity that enables eligible staff to receive tuition assistance for up to six credit hours per semester at the nearest state university to their official work location.

What benefits are available to employees of the Cancer Center?

As part of the University of Florida, UF Health Cancer Center employees have access to a wide range of benefits plans, leave programs, and retirement options provided by the University and the State of Florida.

Does the Cancer Center provide paid parental leave?

In 2021, the University of Florida implemented the Paid Family Leave program which covers both parental and medical leave. As part of this program, eligible employees are able to access up to eight full weeks of employer paid leave for qualifying events.

Where can I find information on available time-off and holiday benefits for Cancer Center staff?

Eligible employees are able to take advantage of a variety of generous leave programs based on their salary plan including vacation, sick leave, holidays, personal leave days, and family medical leave, all provided by the University of Florida.

Are there any other advantages and discounts available to Cancer Center employees?

In addition to the available benefits, opportunities to work with an amazing team, and the chance to contribute to the important mission of the UF Health Cancer Center, the University of Florida provides a wide range of exclusive discounts and programs.