New Hire Resources

As a new employee of the UF Health Cancer Center, you are joining a university-wide institution with operations stretching into nearly every college at the University of Florida and impacting oncology research and care across the State of Florida.

The UF Health Cancer Center is committed to the prevention, detection, treatment and cure of cancer. All of our faculty, staff and students directly contribute to this cause, regardless of their role. Before you get started, explore the Welcome to UF portal and review our employee handbook for more information on the Cancer Center and our mission/vision/values, as well as common workplace policies and contacts that will be useful as you begin your employment with the UF Health Cancer Center.

As always, please contact us if you need any assistance!


As part of your employment with the University of Florida, you are eligible for a suite of exceptional, comprehensive benefits ranging from health benefits and retirement plans to paid leave and professional development resources.

A link to the Benefits at UF landing page is provided below with information on the health benefits, retirement plans, and leave that are available to you as part of your employment with the University of Florida. You will have 60 days from your hire date to make your benefits elections for health insurance and required retirement plans. If you need assistance navigating the enrollment process or have questions regarding the plans you are eligible for, UF HR has a team of Benefits Specialists who can work with you to make your enrollments. The link to the scheduler can be found below. Changes to your elections can only be made during Open Enrollment (in October) or as part of a Qualifying Status Change. (marriage, birth, dependent eligibility changes, etc.) Qualifying Status Changes must be reported within 60 days of the event or will not take effect until the normal open enrollment period. Reporting will depend on your benefits elections, so be sure to check for reporting requirements here as soon as possible.

Also, be sure to check out Gator Resources for a wealth of information about employment at UF including how to navigate through myUFL (entering time, reviewing paychecks, etc.) and everything else employment at UF has to offer. We also definitely recommend checking out GatorPerks for a list of businesses that offer discounts to UF employees!

Training Requirements

Please complete the following online trainings as soon as possible during your first week. Your supervisor may have other training courses that you need to complete for job specific access or other needs, so be sure to consult with them on your first day.

Complete on Your First Day

The following courses are required by the Center and the University for all staff to maintain compliance.

Complete by the End of the Week

Complete the following courses to gain necessary roles in the myUFL system. Once complete, contact us with the course name and date of completion to have the role assigned.

Managing at UF: The Supervisory Challenge

As part of your role as a supervisor at the University of Florida and our commitment to a culture of learning, development, and professional growth, all of our supervisors are asked to complete The Supervisory Challenge within the first 12 months of their joining our management team. The program includes 12 courses in total covering the full UF Leadership & Management Competency model.

Course descriptions and links to register can be found here. You are also encouraged, if possible, to participate in the Managers’ Cohort as this will provide additional resources and special sessions of the workshops reserved for participants in the Cohort.

Be sure to confirm with your supervisor before registering for any of the courses or the Cohort.

Other Recommended Training

While not required, the following courses are highly recommended for all staff. Confirm with your supervisor before registering for any extra training.

Supervisory Responsibilities

Time & Labor

As a staff supervisor, you are responsible for approving time and leave entries for your team on a minimum of a bi-weekly basis in myUFL. An instructional guide for approving time can be found here. Reminders for time approvals and other related information will be sent out bi-weekly to all staff with the pay period’s deadlines. If edits are needed or you require assistance, please contact us as soon as possible.

You are also responsible for managing overtime in your team. Consult with your supervisor regarding your Office and/or Division’s specific overtime rules and requirements.

Recruitment & Staffing

While the Office of Human Resources will manage your recruitments, you will be responsible for interviewing and selecting hires for your team, making the offer, and ensuring consistent onboarding and orientation into your Unit, Division, and Office. Vacancies and new positions should be submitted through our HR Action Form in Teams in consultation with your leadership and one of our HR staff. If you need assistance filling out the form or have any questions, let us know!

Whether for retention, exceptional work, or an expansion of the team/role, you are also responsible for any promotions and/or pay increases in your team. These will also be processed through our HR Action Form in Teams in consultation with your leadership and one of our HR staff. As always, let us know if you need assistance or have any questions.

Performance Management

Another area of responsibility relates to the management of performance on your team. The University of Florida observes a quarterly process of evaluation called UF Engaged for which you are responsible. The process is intended to be a brief, formal check-in with individual members of your team to ensure continued performance conversations and coaching are happening across the University. If you have questions or need assistance, please let us know.

On those occasions when performance is not meeting standards, you are also responsible for managing the correction process for your team. At the UF Health Cancer Center, our Office of Human Resources will assist and consult on best practices related to performance management including: coaching, correction, documentation, and the UF disciplinary process. We also observe, in addition to the University’s process, an internal counseling step prior to engaging UF HR’s Employee Relations team. When these situations arise, contact us and we will reach out to begin the consultation process.

As part of our vision for the UF Health Cancer Center and commitment to the mission we set in support of the center, our HR team has a unique focus on curating and distributing resources and opportunities for continued learning, growth and professional development. Many of these programs are provided by the University of Florida to its faculty and staff and other resources are available from industry respected organizations representing the wide range of professions at the UF Health Cancer Center. In addition to these, our dedicated Talent Development team is responsible for developing comprehensive and tailored resources for the Cancer Center with a specific emphasis on ensuring that the center remains a leader in the cancer research community and an exemplar of excellence at the University of Florida across its operations.

More information on our active programs, UF’s offerings, and our curated lists can be found at the link below.

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