Digital + Print Materials

On this page, you’ll find templates and resources related to for promotional materials, presentations and more. If you need something not shown below, please contact the UF Health Cancer Center communications team:

UF Health Cancer Center

PowerPoint Template

Are you planning to give a presentation? Please use this approved PowerPoint template to use for presentations.


Zoom Backgrounds

To use the Zoom backgrounds below, download the backgrounds from OneDrive using the button below. Click the three dots to the right of the image to download the image to your desktop.

To upload the image in Zoom, open a meeting. In the bottom left-hand corner select the arrow above the video icon and select “Choose Virtual Background.” Select the + icon and upload the downloaded image.

Click the button above to explore all background options. Here are some examples:


Uf health cancer center

Poster Template

Are you planning to give a poster presentation? Please use this approved poster template.



First, do you need to create a flyer? Or is it an email that you need to create?

The flyers in this section are to be used for physical distribution, such as posting to a community board or passing out in a class. If you do not intend to physically print the document, it is likely you need a digital publication rather than a paper flyer.

If it is a physical flyer you need, create a free account in the design program Canva to access the flyers below.

Please remember to click “File” and “Make a copy” before editing templates!


Business Cards