Introducing the UF Health Cancer Center’s broad advertising campaign

The UF Health Cancer Center is proud to launch its new and expansive advertising campaign, which centers around the inspiring stories of cancer patients who have found hope and healing within our health care system. 

While delivering nationally recognized care for all remains our mission, UF Health has become a beacon for those fighting one of the most formidable adversaries of our time. This is evidenced by the UF Health Cancer Center recently becoming one of a select few to receive designation from the National Cancer Institute. Our patients’ stories serve as a testament to our transformative care and our commitment to conquer cancer.

The goal of this multi-faceted campaign is to not only raise awareness but also to provide a source of inspiration and support for those who may be battling this disease or have a loved one doing so. We aim to reach audiences through an array of different media, including television, radio, video and audio streaming, digital, print and outdoor advertising, among other avenues. 

Our commitment to excellence in cancer care, combined with the remarkable stories of our patients, forms the heart and soul of this campaign. At UF Health, we understand the profound impact cancer has on individuals and their families, and we are here to provide not just medical treatment, but also unwavering support.

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Television commercials

Radio advertisements

Courtney Bailey radio spot

Taylor Green radio spot

Print advertisements

Courtney Bailey advertisement
Taylor Green advertisement

Outdoor advertisements

Courtney Bailey outdoor advertisement
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