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When microRNAs Clash With Their Targets

Mingyi Xie’s, Ph.D., lab in the department of biochemistry and molecular biology, College of Medicine at the University of Florida studies RNA processing mechanisms that drive cancer development. They focus on a class of small RNA, called “microRNA”, in gene regulation.

A life-saving attitude

In 1987, a doctor informed second-grade teacher Laurie Waldo that she had bone cancer. In 2006, she was told she had a malignant tumor in her right breast. In 2019, Waldo learned she had a chest wall recurrence of breast cancer following her mastectomy. That same year, she was told she now had cancer in her left breast.

UF Health Cancer Center at ASH 2021

The UF Health Cancer Center will be presenting at the American Society of Hematology (ASH) Annual Meeting that will be held virtually and in-person in-person in Atlanta, Georgia on Dec. 11-14, 2021. The ASH Annual Meeting is the most comprehensive hematology event of the year. The meeting…

UF Health Cancer Center Leadership Updates

The University of Florida Health Cancer Center is pleased to announce two leadership changes that will further the center’s goal of advancing innovation and excellence in cancer research, care, deliv-ery and education.

Oliver’s Story: Overcoming Osteosarcoma

Christine Coombes has several vivid memories from the beginning of her son’s battle with bone cancer. She remembers hearing the word osteosarcoma and how her head started spinning. She remembers sitting in a small room with her husband, Steve, as they waited for their UF Health surgeon. A couch and a small table topped with a box of tissues lived in the room.

Dr. Jatinder Lamba awarded $1.9 million grant to continue Acute Myeloid Leukemia study

The National Cancer Institute has awarded Jatinder Lamba, Ph.D., M.Sc., a professor of pharmacotherapy and translational research in the University of Florida College of Pharmacy and a member of the UF Health Cancer Center, a five-year, $1.9 million grant titled, “Genomics of AML Prognosis,” to continue research on Acute Myeloid Leukemia, or AML, that began in 2008.

Sarah’s Superman Inspires Career Battling Cancer

“Daddy’s illness totally was the precipice for why and how I became a pharmacist,” Sarah said. “His fighting spirit through the whole thing really gave me a lot of things to aspire to as I grew up and ways to kind of handle hard situations."