OnCore® Clinical Trials Management System

What is OnCore?

OnCore seamlessly integrates all of the research management activities across the research enterprise. It provides an infrastructure for managing research, including the full range of management components (clinical, regulatory, financial and administrative), and assists in the tracking and collection of patient demographics, study-specified visits and laboratory results. OnCore is designed to lessen the burden on the research team, so that conducting research is more streamlined. It is not limited to administrative tasks, OnCore has the capability to capture and archive research data that can be exported for additional analyses and reporting.

For more information about the application, feel free to visit the vendor’s website.

How can OnCore help me manage my clinical trials activities at UF?

OnCore has three primary modules that support clinical research:

Clinical Research Management

  • Electronic data capture and data management
    • Customizable electronic case report forms
    • Data export to Excel or SAS
  • Manage data and safety monitoring
    • Tracking deviations
    • Tracking SAEs and non-local safety reports
  • Protocol and subject life-cycle management
  • Subject visit tracking and protocol calendars
  • Budgeting and Invoicing
  • Delivered and customized reporting available
  • PHI and HIPAA compliant, and confirmed as a secure web-served application by UF AHC-IT.

Patient/Subject Management

  • Provides de-identified views of data
  • Track regulatory items
  • Manage correlated subject data
  • Enforce data entry, access, and archival standards

Biospecimen Management

  • Inventory management
  • Correlate physical samples with clinical annotations stored in clinical research or patient registry modules
  • Manage the requests and distributions of tissue of samples
  • Correlative study sample management
  • Flexible reporting functionality

How do I get access to OnCore?

If you need an OnCore account, you can obtain an account request form and submit your request using the OnCore User Access request page.

Are training and support provided?

The OnCore application is support by the OnCore Support Team within the Office of Clinical Research. Access to OnCore technical support is available at the OnCore Support page. In addition to technical support, the OnCore Support Team also provides training resources. OnCore training documentation and training class schedules are available at the OnCore Training page.


What if I have more questions, who can I talk to about OnCore?

For additional information related to OnCore, please contact the OnCore Support Team: