Disease Site Groups

  The charge to the UFHCC DSGs is to provide an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to guide in the selection, prioritization and conduct of high quality cancer research studies. Each clinical DSG has at least one designated clinical and research leader while the Cancer Population Sciences DSG has research co-leaders.

Each DSG is charged with establishing priorities within the framework described below.

  • Collaborating with UFHCC members and other UFHCC Research Programs to develop areas of research with potential impact in the field of study,
  • Reviewing initial study concepts for UF investigator-initiated trials (IITs),
  • Review and endorsement of all new trials which are to be opened,
  • Ongoing review and internal prioritization of interventional studies,
  • Performing ongoing review of the DSG’s research portfolio, including a review of accrual rates for existing trials,
  • Optimizing population subgroup recruitment, including increasing both gender and racial/ethnic diversity, with particular emphasis on the UFHCC catchment area,
  • Maintaining a priority list of pending and active protocols for their research portfolio.

All new interventional trials must be reviewed and approved by the applicable group of record prior to SRMC submission. For example, any clinical trials conducted in breast cancer must be vetted through the breast DSG. DSGs are responsible for ensuring that adequate resources are available to conduct the study. The sponsoring DSG research leader must attest to the projected annual accrual, allocation of UFHCC Clinical Research Office (CRO) resources, presence or absence of competing studies, and overall endorsement of support from the group.

Important Documents

DSG Submission Form

DSG Leader Listing

DSG Charter


For information related to the DSGs, please contact Timmy Guinn, research administrator, at timguinn20@ufl.edu or 352.294.8679; or Judy Walsh, research administrator, at judywalsh@ufl.edu or 352.294.8615.

The UFHCC has a pre-review process for all cancer-relevant IITs categorized as “interventional treatment” or otherwise involving investigational drugs, devices or medical procedures. This review, performed through the CDG, is mandatory for any IITs planning to utilize UFHCC CRO resources including Project Management Office (PMO) services, research coordinator or data entry support, regulatory management, or other in-kind support. Concepts not meeting these specifications are exempt from this mandatory pre-review, but may request this service. The aims of this comprehensive review are to 1) improve the feasibility, scientific merit and ultimate success in completing cancer-relevant IITs, 2) shorten the timeframe from concept approval to protocol activation and 3) maximize staff and investigator effort in protocol development.