UF Health Cancer Center COVID-19-Related Projects

The UF Health Cancer Center would like your help gathering information about projects related to COVID-19 across campus.

Never before have so many faculty, staff and students come together to rapidly focus their ingenuity on a single issue, whether it’s new ways to educate and reach out to the community, prototypes and devices to help fight COVID-19, or ideas that reach across disciplines.

Thank you for your efforts in this crisis, and together we will emerge stronger.

COVID 19 Testing in the Emerging Pathogens Institute

Tell us about your COVID-19-related projects!

Please fill out this survey and tell us more about what you’re working on. When we have a better idea of the broader picture, we’ll be able to help fill in the gaps, amplify messaging, speed research along, direct supporting efforts where they are most needed, and perhaps even suggest collaborations among teams that didn’t know they were working in similar or complementary areas.

UF Health Cancer Center COVID-19 Projects

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