Diversity & Inclusion Breif Mission Statement

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Our aims


Assess and monitor the cancer-relevant burden

In partnership with local stakeholders (i.e., individuals, families, clinicians, communities, policy makers), we are actively learning from our catchment area using linked clinical, social determinants of health, health care delivery, and community reported data.


Enhance the impact of UFHCC research

We enhance UFHCC research by involving the community in setting a research agenda for the cancer center, increasing alignment of cancer research with catchment area cancer burden, and facilitating access to interventional trials, especially for underrepresented populations.


Engage the community in adopting evidence-based strategies

We include the community in identifying and addressing gaps in care across the cancer continuum, particularly for those with multiple, intersecting vulnerabilities; addressing social determinants of health that contribute to gaps in care, and providing educational forums and programs.


Engage the community in advocacy and policy development

We give the community a voice for improving health policy, particularly as it relates to tobacco prevention and improved access to care.



Diversity Funding Opportunities

The UF Health Cancer Center and external donors offer a number of funding opportunities to support cancer-related research.


GUIDED BY leaders that care


Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Team

The UF Health Cancer Center's Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Team puts DI&E issues at the forefront.

Community Advisory Board (CAB) of the UF Health Cancer Center's (UFHCC) Office of Community Outreach and Engagement

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connecting the cancer community


Get Involved

Watch a selection of videos outlining the community outreach and research efforts underway at the UF Health Cancer Center.

Cancer Connections meeting

Careers and Training

Employment and Advancement

Training and Workforce Development

The UF Health Cancer Center is devoted to developing a strong workforce and providing opportunities for employment and advancement.

PMO team meeting.