The UF Health Cancer Center’s Research Career Enhancement core is committed to providing education and training to students and investigators at various stages of their cancer research careers. The program seeks to provide a broad oncology perspective and to incorporate opportunities in basic science, population science, and clinical/translational research, with the goal of stimulating interest, providing enriched environments, offering support and guidance, and nurturing the development of future cancer research scientists.



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Core Leader

Dietmar W. Siemann, Ph.D. is the UF Health Cancer Center’s associate director for education and training and the John P. Cofrin Professor for Research in the department of radiation oncology.

Dietmar W. Siemann, PhD

Dr. Siemann’s research spans over 30 years of continuous funding from the National Cancer Institute. His research interests include the tumor microenvironment’s influence on treatment resistance of cancer to conventional anticancer therapies, and its critical role in malignant progression and dissemination of tumor cells; molecular targeting of critical signaling pathways; and the impact of aerobic exercise on tumor progression and cancer management.

Dr. Siemann is co-leader of the UF College of Medicine Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences Cancer Biology Concentration. He has served on the UF Graduate Council and UF Senate and was the recipient of the UF Health Cancer Center Mentoring Award and the College of Medicine Exemplary Teachers Award.  Dr. Siemann has mentored 36 graduate students and post-doctoral fellows.


Dietmar W. Siemann, Ph.D., Associate Director, Education & Training

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