2018 Predoctoral Awardees

Julie Bray
Biomedical Sciences Program – Cancer Biology

Mentor: Thomas Schmittgen, Ph.D.

Dissertation Title: “The Novel Role of REST in the Development of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma”

Henrietta Fasanya
Biomedical Sciences Program – Cancer Biology

Mentor: Dietmar Siemann, Ph.D.

Dissertation Title: “Role of Cathepsin Inhibition in Osteosarcoma”

Janae Kirsch
Psychology Program – Clinical & Health Psychology

Mentor: Deidre Pereira, Ph.D.

Dissertation Title: “Circadian Rhythms in Gynecologic Cancer: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Intervention”

Mengxiong (Betty) Wang
Biomedical Sciences Program – Physiology & Pharmacology

Mentor: Brian Law, Ph.D.

Dissertation Title: “Disulfide Bond Disrupting Agents Activate the TRAIL Pathway to Kill Highly Resistant Breast Cancer”

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