Ph.D. Pathways in Cancer Research opportunities at the University of Florida

For undergraduate students completing their baccalaureate degree who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in cancer research, the University of Florida offers a broad range of Ph.D. programs across multiple colleges in which graduate faculty are conducting cancer research.

EXPLORE Ph.D. Pathways

Ph.D. Pathways Stories

University of Florida graduate students share their journeys in cancer research programs across disciplines.

Chayil Lattimore

Chayil Lattimore is a biomedical sciences Ph.D. candidate whose work involves investigating the impact of differential miRNA expression on racial disparities in advanced-stage laryngeal cancer.

Chayil Lattimore presents her research.

Andrew Maxim

Andrew Maxim is pursuing his Ph.D. in the Virtual Experiences Research Group with Benjamin Lok, Ph.D. His main research project is Meet ALEX, which uses a virtual clinician that can speak both English and Spanish to help increase rates of colorectal screening.


Daniel Stribling

Daniel Stribling is a trainee in the UF M.D.-Ph.D. program who works in the lab of Rolf Renne, Ph.D. He hopes to be part of applying the rapidly advancing fields of AI to genomics and medicine.

Daniel Stribling holds his award with the dean of research.
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