In-person symposium

The symposium will begin at 10 a.m. to allow time for the schools that are participating in person to travel to Ocala that morning. We will be able to accommodate up to 50 students from each school attending in person. For schools participating in person, we will provide lunch after the symposium (1-2 p.m., not livestreamed/recorded) to allow time for the students to engage informally with our UF researchers. The event is expected to end at approximately 2 p.m.

Livestreamed symposium

Virtual participants will connect to the symposium at 10 a.m. via a Zoom webinar link. IT support will be available throughout the symposium to assist with any connection issues and we will have a moderator who will facilitate questions from those participating online. We expect that the Zoom Webinar will end by 1 p.m.