Topic Abstract: Virtual Human Customization

Andrew Maxim

Predoctoral Fellow, Graduate Program in Computer Science

Eric Cooks, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Advertising

Presentation Title: Virtual Human Customization

The purpose of this collaborative research is to develop a Virtual Health Assistant (VHA)-led intervention that maximizes voice and character customization preferences of Black adults age 45-75 and pilots the effectiveness of this intervention on increasing colorectal cancer (CRC) screening intentions.

Core Standards

SC.912.CS-PC.1.2 Describe and demonstrate ethical and responsible use of modern communication media and devices.

SC.912.CS-PC.2.1 Describe how the Internet facilitates global communication.

SC.912.CS-PC.2.4 Analyze the positive and negative impacts of technology on popular culture and personal life.

SC.912.CS-PC.2.7 Describe how technology has changed the way people build and manage organizations and how technology impacts personal life.

SC.912.CS-PC.2.9 Explain how societal and economic factors are affected by access to critical information.

SC.912.CS-PC.2.11 Construct writings and/or communications using developmentally appropriate terminology.

SC.912.CS-PC.2.13 Predict future careers and the technologies that may exist based on current technology trends.

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