Pre-Conference Workshops
9 a.m. – noon | Tuesday, July 16

Workshop 1: Unlocking the Genetic Code: A Workshop on Cancer Detection

Description: Discover how to analyze cancer samples hands on, unraveling the genetic clues behind tumor development. Gain insights into the molecular mechanisms driving cancer progression and explore the potential applications of genetic analysis in diagnosis and treatment. Join us and unlock the secrets of cancer’s genetic code.

Workshop 2: From Microbes to Medicine: Exploring Bacterial Transformation in Cancer Research

Description: This workshop delves into the intersection of bacterial transformation and cancer research, showcasing how bacterial genetic manipulation techniques can be applied to understanding and combating cancer. Participants will engage in hands-on activities to explore how bacterial transformation techniques can be adapted to study cancer-related genes, drug resistance mechanisms and potential therapeutic targets. Join us to discover the promising connections between microbial genetics and cancer biology!


Registration is limited to 30 participants for each workshop. Once the workshop is at capacity, teachers interested in participating will be added to a waitlist and notified if a spot becomes available.

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