Poster Presenter Instructions

On behalf of the UF Health Cancer Center, thank you for your abstract submission — we are looking forward to an exciting scientific program!

Poster Preparation: We encourage you to use our UFHCC Poster template and UFHCC logo for your poster. Please remember to acknowledge any UFHCC Shared Resources utilized in your research.

All poster presentation materials must be submitted by Nov. 22 at 11:59 pm.

Poster/Video Presentation Submission: When you are ready to submit your poster and 3-minute video presentation, complete the Poster/Video Presentation Submission Form to upload your poster information on our virtual symposium platform. Please follow the instructions below to ensure that your submission is complete.

  • Poster Presenters: If you are a trainee presenter, please list your faculty mentor as an additional presenter so that participants can search the posters using your and your mentor’s names.
  • Poster Title & Abstract: Include the project title and abstract that you previously submitted to the UFHCC. If you need a copy of your submitted abstract, let us know. Please note when pasting your abstract, certain formatting (e.g. bold, italics, etc.) may not be kept – double check your abstract and re-add formatting where necessary.
  • Presenting Author’s Academic Rank: This is important for our judges to know!
  • Faculty Mentor: Include the full name and degree of your mentor. This information will be displayed on your presenter page.
  • Co-Authors: List all authors, including yourself and your mentor.
  • UFHCC Research Program: This is the research program you selected when you submitted your abstract. Do not select the Shared Resources/Cores box unless you are presenting a Shared Resources/Cores poster.
  • Shared Resources: Check the boxes for any resources utilized during this research.
  • Poster: Your poster must be formatted as a PDF. You can do this directly in the PowerPoint software by using save as and selecting the PDF file format. Your PDF file must not be larger than 10MB. If your file exceeds this limit, you will need to compress the file to reduce its size. We recommend or another online tool to compress your file if necessary.
  • Video: Upload a 3-minute video of you describing your work/poster to YouTube and include the YouTube link on the submission form (only YouTube links will be supported). Please make the YouTube video settings as UNLISTED (see Resources below).

Post-submission: Your poster/video presentation submission is final and all poster presentation materials must be submitted by Nov. 22. After this date, we will be assigning poster numbers, arranging judge assignments, and testing the format and content of your presentation to ensure it works as it should during the poster session.

After you have submitted your poster and video presentation, please send the video file (MP4) to If the file is too large to email, please save the file to our OneDrive folder: UFHCC Virtual Poster Session.

The symposium platform will be made available to all the poster presenters to preview your presentation pages on Nov. 30-Dec. 4. If you find a major error on your presentation page, please contact and we will help you to correct the error.

Poster/Video Presentation Submission Form


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