Virtual Poster Session: OneDrive Files

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The presenters will be online during their assigned group time slot to respond to questions and comments.

Time Slots

Group 0 = Shared Resources (SR)
Group 1 = 4-5 p.m.
Group 2 = 5-6 p.m.


Poster # Group PRESENTER LAST NAME Presenter(s) ACADEMIC RANK Mentor(s) TITLE
CPS-01 1 Abraham Shoba Abraham Pre-collegiate & Undergraduate Walter O’Dell, PhD Evaluating Variability in the Measurement of Global Longitudinal Strain with Slice Orientation
CPS-02 2 Aduse-Poku Livingstone Aduse-Poku Graduate Ting-Yuan (David) Cheng, PhD Protocol for annotating adipose tissue and skeletal muscle in L3 CT images of breast cancer patients for the assessment of racial difference in body composition
CTHR-36 2 Ahmed Hamzah Ahmed Graduate Timothy Garrett, PhD Fusobacterium spp. Mediated Metabolic Landscape in Colorectal Cancer Cells
CPS-03 1 Austin-Datta Rebecca Jane Austin-Datta Graduate Lusine Yaghjyan, MD, MPH, PhD Associations of reproductive breast cancer risk factors with breast tissue composition
CPS-04 2 Basha Tala Basha & Lauren Dickson Graduate Rhonda DeHoff, PharmD, MS A Randomized Pragmatic Trial of Genotype-Guided Supportive Care for Patients with Solid Tumors
CPS-05 1 Behnood-Rod Azin Behnood-Rod Faculty/Staff –– Nicotine self-administration differently affects brain reward function in male and female rats
MOO-71 1 Bennett Richard Bennett Faculty/Staff –– Identification of essential proliferation and trametinib resistance mechanisms in GNAQ-mutant uveal melanoma
SR-097 0 Bian Jiang Bian Faculty/Staff-SR –– UFHCC Cancer Informatics Shared Resource
CTHR-37 1 Callaway Chandler Callaway Graduate Andrew Judge, PhD Pancreatic Cancer derived CXCL1 induces muscle atrophy through CXCR2 in Mice
CPS-06 2 Cameron Miles Cameron Graduate Andrew Judge, PhD Radiologic assessment of cardiac and skeletal muscle atrophy and osteopenia in patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer: implications in therapy and progression-free survival

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