TICaRT Trainee Accomplishments

Here is a look at the accomplishments of TICaRT trainees to date.

2023-25 Cohort

Madison Carelock presents her research during the UF Health Cancer Center’s 2024 Research Showcase on Jan. 31.

UF Health cancer Center Predoctoral Awardees:

  • Madison Carelock: 2023 UF Health Cancer Center Predoctoral Awardee

TICaRT presentations: 2024 Research Showcase
(*Presenting author)

Carelock ME*, Zhang P, Jiao M, Umasankar D, Jin Z, Stump RM, Williams SG, Zheng G, Zhang W
Attenuating breast cancer metastasis with BCL-XL-targeting PROTACs

Ducharme JB*, Schonk MM, Al-Zaeed NM, Gutierrez-Monreal MA, Esser KA, Judge SM, Judge AR
Pancreatic cancer disrupts the skeletal muscle molecular clock in a FoxP1-dependent manner

Smith AR*, Wu Z, Nar R, Li Y, Qian Z, Zheng G
PROTAC-induced degradation to target aberrant m6A mRNA modifications in acute myeloid leukemia

Freeman B*, Salloum RG, Malaty J, Orland, F, Huo Z, Xing C
Potential of kava in reducing lung cancer risk and associated disparities – mechanism-based biomarker discovery and analysis

McKean J*, Riner A, Tushoski G, Neal D, Herremans K, Han S, Hughes S
Leptin expression and cachexia in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Wheeler M*, Freeman B, Yoon HS, Huo Z, Xing C, Braithwaite D
Optimizing lung cancer risk assessment: from bench to trench

Ducharme JB, Carelock ME*, Schonk MM, Al-Zaeed NM, Zhang W, Judge SM, Judge AR
Cell type-specific senescence program in skeletal muscle of mice with pancreatic cancer

2021-23 Cohort

Nicholas Hiers presents his research during the UF Health Cancer Center’s 2024 Research Showcase on Jan. 31.

UF Health Cancer Center Predoctoral Awardees:

  • Nicholas Hiers: 2023 UF Health Cancer Center Predoctoral Awardee
  • Rachel Newsome: 2021 UF Health Cancer Center Predoctoral Awardee
  • Daniel Stribling: 2021 UF Health Cancer Center Predoctoral Awardee

TICaRT presentations: 2023 Research Showcase
(*Presenting author)

Cooks EJ*, Chen X, Vilaro MJ, Lok B, Krieger JL.
The influence of information overload during interactions with a virtual clinician: message processing as a mechanism to understand colorectal cancer screening intentions

DiVita Dean B*, Wildes T, Dean J, Yegorov O, Yang C, Shin D, Francis C, Sebastian M, Figg J, Falceto Font L, Moore G, Fernandez B, Wummer B, Kuizon C, Mitchell D, Flores C
Adoptive cellular therapy reverses glioma-driven dysfunction of immune system homeostasis

Hiers N*, Stribling D*, Xie M, Renne R
Quantitative CLASH (QtCLASH) Analysis of miRNA Targeting in Colorectal Cancer

Leas DA*, Abboud KA, Huigens III RW
Synthesis of Complex and Diverse Compounds from Oxidative Cleavage of Indole Alkaloids and Derivatives

Newsome RC*, Oh J, Jian W, Gharaibeh RZ, Crawford J, Jobin C
A bacterial consortium engineered from feces of patients responding to anti-PD1 treatment mediates tumor response through IFNγ in non-small cell lung cancer

Alumni accomplishments

Two men speak during the symposium.
Eric Cooks, Ph.D., left, speaks during the TICaRT Research Symposium in August 2023.
  • Eric Cooks, Ph.D., is now a Senior Program Director at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
  • Peter Dib, Ph.D., is now a Field Applications Scientist at Spectral Instruments Imaging.
  • Rachel Newsome, Ph.D., is now a Postdoctoral Associate at the University of Florida.
  • Dan Stribling, Ph.D., is now completing his M.D. training.


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