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National Cancer Institute ‘Inside Cancer Careers’ Podcast

Inside Cancer Careers is a podcast that explores and illuminates the exciting world of cancer research training to bring a new generation of investigators into the field.  Using a human-interest angle, trainees share their personal experiences throughout their journey, including when they take the leap to an independent position. Learn more

National Institutes of Health Crash Course in NIH Grants Fundamentals

The NIH has curated playlists of YouTube videos to provide an overview of the grants process, the different funding programs available, key tools to use as you develop your application, and grant writing advice straight from NIH staff. Learn more

Grant Resources for Pre- and Postdoctoral Trainees

Grant Resources for Faculty

Grant-Writing Courses, Workshops & Toolkits

Current Training and Career Development Funding Opportunities

Boilerplate text for Grant Proposals – Facilities & Resources

Developing a Proposal – UF Frequently Used Facts

Grant-writing Workshop – Navigating NIH: Programs and Proposals


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