University Scholars FAQ

University Scholars Program Prospective Student Q&A


Please check out the USP Prospective Student Q&A Webinar slides for additional information.

Will any application materials be accepted after the February 12, 2021 deadline?

No. To be considered for the UFHCC University Scholars Program, applicants must submit all required application materials — including letter(s) of

recommendation — by February 12, 2021.

When will I know if I’m accepted?

We will notify selected applicants and provide additional information on the program by early-March 2021.

Who is considered UF Faculty?

UF Faculty is anyone appointed to the varying levels of Professorship (Assistant, Associate, etc.)

Can I apply to more than one opportunity within the University Scholars Program?

Yes, you may apply for multiple opportunities. However, you will only be allowed to participate in one program per academic year.

If I am selected as a UFHCC University Scholar, am I eligible to re-apply the following year?

Unfortunately, no. However, you may apply to other University Scholar opportunities outside of the Cancer Center.