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Listen to recent cancer-related episodes:


“Treatment Strategies for Malignant Gliomas”
with Ashley Ghiaseddin, M.D.


“Current Challenges Facing the Shifting Paradigm of Early-Stage NSCLC Management”
with Aaron Franke, M.D., M.S.


“Prone Position for Breast Radiation Treatment”
with Oluwadamilola Oladeru, M.D.

“Patient-Centered Breast Radiotherapy Fractionation and Treatment Approach”
with Oluwadamilola Oladeru, M.D. 


“Pluvicto for Metastatic Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer”
with Robert Zlotecki, M.D., Ph.D.

“MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy”
with Robert Zlotecki, M.D., Ph.D.


“Colorectal Cancer Awareness”
with Jesus Fabregas, M.D., M.P.H.


“Colorectal Cancer Awareness”
with Kathryn Hitchcock, M.D., Ph.D.


“Advanced Imaging for Prostate Cancer”
with Wayne Brisbane, M.D.

“Prostate Cancer Focal Therapy”
with Wayne Brisbane, M.D.


“Emerging Therapies for Metastatic Melanoma”
with Bently Doonan, M.D.


“Advanced Kidney Cancer Management”
with Padraic O’Malley, M.Sc., M.D., FRCSC

Almansour Zeina

“Advances in Malignant Hematology”
with Zeina Al-Mansour, M.D.

“Challenges in Cancer Care in Elderly”
with Zeina Al-Mansour, M.D.


“Improving Outcomes for Stage 1 Bladder Cancer”
with Paul Crispen, M.D.


“Colorectal Cancer in Young Adults”
with Brian Ramnaraign, M.D.

Maryam Rahman

“Clinical Indications for Treatment of Brain Tumors”
with Maryam Rahman, M.D.

“Immunotherapy for Pediatric Leukemia Patients”
with William Slayton, M.D.

“PARP Inhibitors in Ovarian Cancer”
with Martina Murphy, M.D.

“Robotic Urologic Surgery Program” 
with Li-Ming Su, M.D.

“Whipple Surgery for Pancreatic Cancer Patients”
with Steven Hughes, M.D.

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