Trainee Travel Award Application

Reimbursement Policy: The applicant’s department will handle their travel authorization and pay initially. Once the travel and related expense report is completed, the department will send a copy of the expense report to the UF Health Cancer Center. We will then process an E2E (expense transfer) moving the expenses to our general revenue and off their accounts, up to the approved amount of the award.


Trainee travel awards provided by the UF Health Cancer Center cover travel expenses to attend nationally and internationally visible, cancer-related conferences with a specific purpose of presenting research data as either a poster or oral presentation. Applicant must be the presenting author on an accepted abstract for work performed at UF and in a cancer discipline. UF Health Cancer Center Trainee Travel Awards are available to eligible undergraduate, graduate students, postdocs, fellows and residents throughout the UF community. If awarded, support from the UF Health Cancer Center should be acknowledged at the time of presentation and on all related materials.

Covered expenses can include registration, airfare, lodging, parking, taxi and tolls not to exceed a total of $1,000. Limited to one award per individual, per fiscal year (July-June).

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