Training Navigation Program

Navigate your career path with the UF Health Cancer Center’s Training Navigation program. Connect with our expert training navigators who will assist you in uncovering valuable National Cancer Institute (NCI) resources tailored to your career development needs. Let us be your guide as you strive to reach your full potential.

What does training navigation offer?

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We have secured NCI funding to support trainees and early-stage investigators in discovering career development opportunities and securing funding. Our expert training navigators at the UF Health Cancer Center will guide you in identifying NCI resources tailored to fuel your career growth.

Training navigation provides the following career development support for potential and current CURE scholars:

  • Assists new potential applicants in successfully entering the CURE training pipeline
  • Assists current CURE scholars transitioning through the CURE pipeline to their next independent award
  • Supports mid-career and established underrepresented investigators in developing the skills required to obtain R-type awards for career advancement

What is the CURE Pipeline?

The Continuing Umbrella of Research Experiences (CURE), a program of the National Institutes of Health, provides training opportunities, career development and funding opportunities across the academic continuum, ensuring that underrepresented students, trainees and investigators have the skills required to become competitive cancer researchers.

How can training navigation help me?

There are many ways that training navigation can support your career development:

  • Help you identify CURE funding opportunities you may qualify for
  • Introduce you to CURE program directors
  • Connect you to National Institutes of Health (NIH) and NCI program directors
  • Share NIH and NCI resources for competitive application preparation
  • Send periodic updates about submission dates and funding opportunities
  • Connect you with you NCI program officer region and its resources, tools and networking opportunities

How do I get started?

Apply for a trainee travel award

Trainee travel awards provided by the UF Health Cancer Center cover travel expenses for trainees to attend nationally and internationally visible, cancer-related conferences with a specific purpose of presenting research data as either a poster or oral presentation.

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