Understanding Cancer

Cancer is a complex and varied disease. It can begin anywhere in the body and spread for reasons that are not yet understood. Even the same kind of cancer behaves differently from one patient to the next.

That’s why the UF Health Cancer Center embraces the team-focused care approach to patient care that is personalized to the unique treatment needs of each patient. This approach leads to a unified plan that benefits from the combined clinical and research expertise of multidisciplinary teams of medical professionals, scientists and educators. Our cancer experts work together to ensure that comprehensive, coordinated care is available to guide each patient through diagnosis, treatment and recovery, and that patients who need several different therapies to treat their cancer will receive the ideal combination. Each patient is treated according to a unique plan customized for the specific type of cancer, its stage, the patient’s needs and overall health.

This team approach means that patients benefit from the combined expertise of cancer specialists. Each team may include: Oncologists   ♦   Radiologists   ♦  Pathologists   ♦  Surgeons   ♦  Nurses   ♦  Nutritionists   ♦  Pain Medicine Specialists   ♦   Genetic Counselors   ♦  Clinical Social Workers   ♦  Educators   ♦  Laboratory Researchers

UF Health Shands offers specialized, disease-specific multidisciplinary care in the following areas: