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The mission of the Clinical Research Office (CRO) is to help deliver new and promising cancer treatments in order to improve the lives of the patients at the UF Health Cancer Center. The CRO provides support to UF Health Cancer Center clinical investigators for the development and implementation of cancer clinical trials. The primary goal of the CRO is to facilitate the conduct of high-quality clinical research while adhering to the highest ethical standards and maintaining compliance with all governing bodies.

Dr. Thom George,Program director, UF Health GI Oncology Program, COM, Dept. Medicine, Division Hematology/Oncology

Thomas J. George, M.D., FACP
Associate Director of Clinical Research
UF Health Cancer Center

clinical research office


The Clinical Research Office provides the following services to the clinical investigators of the UF Health Cancer Center

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Search for a Trial

View open clinical trials.

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Disease Site Groups

Each group is charged with developing and maintaining a portfolio of trials that brings forward scientific hypotheses developed in the Research Programs and is relevant to our catchment area.

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Feasibility Group

This group is responsible for reviewing or providing feedback on the non-scientific aspects of a study being considered.

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Project Management Office

The PMO offers a variety of services to promote successful Investigator Initiated Trials from concept development to final result dissemination.

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Scientific Review and Monitoring Committee

The SRMC provides the critical review of scientific merit, methodology and validity of statistical analyses of cancer-relevant studies prior to activation.

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Data Integrity and Safety Committee

The DISC is a multidisciplinary committee comprised of UFHCC investigators and staff.

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Clinical Trials Auditing Team

The Clinical Trials Auditing Team provides ongoing auditing for complex through low risk clinical trials.

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Research Policies & Helpful Documents

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Clinical Research Internship