Academic Research Consortium

The Academic Research Consortium (ARC) Network consists of eight affiliate sites across Florida specializing in all cancer types and trials, under the leadership of the University of Florida Health Cancer Canter. Through its access to nationally funded clinical trials, groundbreaking Investigator Initiated Trials and large team of oncology researchers, the Cancer Center is able to increase access to clinical trials and novel treatments throughout its catchment area via this network.   

Mission Statement
The UF Health Cancer Center ARC Network aims to accelerate innovation and progress through supporting a variety of research opportunities for patients throughout the state of Florida.  

Where Can Patients Access ARC Network Trials?

The Cancer Center’s ARC Network spans nearly every region in the state of Florida, providing access to some of the state’s most populous centers such as Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale and Jacksonville. Although sites are concentrated in the Cancer Center’s catchment area in North Central Florida, all Floridians are within a half-days drive to one of these sites. This allows the center to reach a broad range of people with cancer and their families who may not be able to make the trip to UF Health in Gainesville.

Central Florida 

Florida Panhandle

Northeast Florida

South Florida

For more information, please contact the ARC Coordinator, Timmy Guinn, at

Timmy A Guinn, Jr

Timmy A Guinn, Jr MSc, CCRP

ARC Coordinator
Phone: (352) 294-8679
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