Meet our Clinical Research Office Interns

The Clinical Research Office’s Internship program offers healthcare focused recent college graduates the opportunity to work as a CRA on one of our clinical or project management teams.

The  Interns gain valuable skills in areas such as data capture and entry, data analysis, protocol writing, quality assurance, laboratory procedures, and regulatory affairs related to clinical research.  As part of this program, interns participate in a quality improvement project and analyze the data as part of a poster/abstract presentation.

Clinical Research Office Interns Spring and Fall 2022

Jennina Garde

Jennina Garde studied biology as an undergraduate and hopes to either become a health care professional and/or develop her career as a research professional. She enjoys connecting with the wonderful patients and workers at UF Health Shands, learning new skills and appreciating the intertwined roles of health care and research, which she had not been able to do during college. Through the clinical research internship, Jennina is able to grow and participate in the multifaceted field of cancer research and treatment.

Liz Leyva


Liz Leyva studied biotechnology as an undergraduate and hopes to become a physician. This internship in the Adult Solid Tumor Research Office is providing Liz with the opportunity to gain experience in clinical research and better understand cancer biology. Liz enjoys having patient interactions and working with an interdisciplinary team that helps her see firsthand effective health care and a truly collaborative environment.  

Hannah Lange

Hannah Lange graduated with a bachelor’s in biology in spring 2021. She is a current intern in the Adult Hematologic Malignancies Research Office. Prior to graduation, Hannah volunteered in a genetics lab. Hannah hopes to use her research experience to pursue a master’s in cellular biology so that she can conduct her own research in the future. Her specific area of interest is in hematologic malignancies. 

Julie Malinger

Julie Mallinger graduated in May 2022 with a degree in biomedical engineering and hopes to become a physician. She conducted cancer research in the lab as an undergraduate, and she was eager to get involved in clinical research to gain more experience working in a clinical setting while helping translate medical discoveries into working treatments. Julie is enjoying forming relationships with patients and is excited to continue working with such a supportive health care team.

Kayleigh Ratliff

Kayleigh Ratliff is studying Health Services Administration and will graduate with her B.A.S. this fall. She is interested in a career as a clinical research professional. Currently, Kayleigh is learning about the regulations that are applied to clinical research involving human participants. She is enjoying her experience working with our investigators by assisting to keep them compliant with the regulations. Through her internship, she will develop her skills and contribute to obtaining and maintaining regulatory approval for the clinical trials conducted at the UF Health Cancer Center.