Disease Site Groups

The UF Heath Cancer Center has 13 Disease Site Groups that consist of both research and clinical leaders. Each Disease Site Group is charged with developing and maintaining a portfolio of trials that brings forward scientific hypotheses developed in the Cancer Center Research Programs and is relevant to the Cancer Center’s catchment area.

All newly proposed interventional studies must be endorsed by the approved Disease Site Group (DSG) prior to SRMC submission. This review occurs once a full study protocol is available and submitted to be reviewed and approved by the primary DSG. The SRMC will confirm protocol categorization for all studies.   

Upon intake of the new study, the DSG support staff will confirm the disease(s) targeted by the study and the study will be forwarded to the appropriate DSG Research team for interest. If interest is confirmed, the DSG will assess the study’s projected accrual, resource allocation, and the presence or absence of any competing studies prior to finalizing their review.

DSG review decisions include:

  • Endorsement: The study is scientifically sound and fulfills a need in the current DSG research portfolio as well as in the UFHCC catchment area
  • Tabled: The PI and study team will need to make changes to address the concerns of the group. These concerns could include scientific validity or fulfillment of the DSG research portfolio and the UFHCC catchment area.
  • Declination: The study is not scientifically sound and/or does not fulfill a need in the current DSG research portfolio as well as in the UFHCC catchment area. Once the study is declined, the study will not move past the DSG.
    • If the study team chooses to re-work the concept, or the protocol is substantially modified, a new review by the DSG will be needed in order to move forward.

Non-interventional studies are not required to be reviewed by a DSG prior to SRMC submission. The SRMC will confirm protocol prioritization for these studies.

To submit a study for a Disease Site Group Review, send the below documents to DSG-Support@cancer.ufl.edu:

DSG Leaders
  • Full Protocol version
  • Completed DSG Submission Form

Important Documents


For Information related to the DSG review, please email DSG-Support@cancer.ufl.edu.

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