Investigator-Initiated Trial (IIT) Think Tank

Doc Discussion

The UF Health Cancer Center IIT Think Tank (I2T3) is a dedicated monthly forum for investigators to refine, discuss, collaborate, and collect feedback on new investigator-initiated concepts. 

The goals of I2T3 discussion and review are to:

1) establish a translational and collaborative research culture resulting in highly impactful UF-developed research that is relevant to the community we serve

2) shorten the timeframe from concept approval to protocol activation

3) maximize staff and investigator effort in protocol development

4) improve the feasibility, scientific merit and ultimate success of cancer-relevant IITs

I2T3 members and attendees include a multidisciplinary cross-section of faculty, staff and community members engaged in oncology research.  The composition of the group is designed to encourage collaboration across teams, a broader perspective of constructive critiques, and an opportunity to respond to feedback across disciplines in real-time.  Regular attendees include various DSG leaders, biostatisticians, junior and senior investigators, bench researchers, study nurses and staff, study startup and feasibility specialists, project managers, cancer center leadership, and citizen scientists from the community.

While I2T3 presentation is mandatory for interventional concepts using CRO resources, other concepts may also be discussed in the group upon request.

If you have a concept you would like to present to I2T3, please contact Erin Monari, PhD, CCRP at, who can further outline the process and assign your concept to an upcoming meeting agenda.