Scientific Review and Monitoring Committee

The Scientific Review and Monitoring Committee (SRMC) provides the critical review of scientific merit, methodology and validity of statistical analyses of cancer-relevant studies prior to activation. The committee will ensure proper prioritization of studies and the ability to monitor all cancer-related studies for expected progress relating to accrual goals and performance standards.

The SRMC also has the authority and charge to close any study not meeting the expected accrual goals or trials that have become obsolete by new advances in the field and therefore whose scientific rationale has become superseded by clinical practice. For a protocol to be reviewed by the SRMC, both the sponsoring DSG/RP and Cancer Center Feasibility Group (for CRO-managed protocols only) must provide endorsement.

Committee Decisions

Following discussion, the Committee votes to Approve, Approve with Stipulations, Table or Disapprove the protocol, meaning:

  • Approved: Approved for opening to accrual contingent upon obtaining IRB approval and completion of all other protocol activation steps
  • Approved with Stipulations: Study is approvable pending satisfactory responses to reviewer questions and concerns. The initial reviewers will review the PI response to stipulations, and the SRMC Chair or a Co-Chair will provide final approval.
  • Tabled: Substantial issues are present and revisions and/or formal reconsideration by SRMC are required.
  • Disapproved: The study is not approved for opening.

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SRMC Membership List

name role specialty/expertise
Thomas M. Ryan, M.D. Chair GI Surgery and Microbiome Biorepository
Michael Weaver, Ph.D., R.N. V-Chair Population Sciences & Biostatistics
Randal Henderson, M.D., MBA V-Chair Radiation Oncology
Frederic Kaye, M.D. V-Chair Thoracic Oncology
Elias Sayour, M.D., Ph.D. V-Chair Pediatric NeuroOnc
Ryan M. Thomas, M.D. Core GI Surgery
Karen Daily, D.O. Core Breast Oncology
Joe Grajo, M.D. Core Radiology
Coy Heldermon, M.D., Ph.D. Core Breast Oncology
Peter Starostik, M.D. Core Pathology & Genetics
Carmen Allegra, M.D. Core GI Oncology
Daniel Indelicato, M.D. Core Pediatric & Sarcoma
John Hiemenz, M.D. Core Hematologic Malignancies
Joanne Lagmay, M.D. Core Pediatric Oncology
Jatinder Lamba, Ph.D., MSc Core Pharmacogenomics
David DeRemer, Pharm.D. Core Pharmacodynamics & Drug Development
Ji-Hyun Lee, Dr.PH. Core Biostatistics
Yu Wang, MS Core Biostatistics
Rhonda Bacher, Ph.D. Core Biostatistics
Shu Wang, Ph.D. Core Biostatistics
Karen Miller, JD Core Patient Advocate
Sarah Szurek, Ph.D. Core Community Outreach & Engagement

Cancer Population Science Subcommittee (CPSS)

name role specialty/expertise
Michael Weaver, Ph.D., R.N. Chair Population Sciences & Biostatistics
Janice Krieger, Ph.D. Core Patient Communications & Decision Making
Deidre Pereira, Ph.D. Core Psychosocial & Biobehavioral Interventions
Carmen Bylund, Ph.D., FACH Core Survivorship
Versie Johnson-Mallard, Ph.D. Core Women’s Health & Cancer Prevention
Yingwei Yao, Ph.D. Core Biostatistics
Guo, Yi, Ph.D. Core Biostatistics, Social Media & Big Data

Important Documents


For information related to the SRMC, please contact Timmy Guinn, research administrator, at or 352.294.8679