How do I know if my study needs to be submitted to the SRMC?

All studies of cancer relevant studies that are conducted on the UF Health Gainesville campus or UFPTI must be reviewed by the SRMC.

The University of Florida defines a “cancer relevant” study as one that:

  • Specifies enrolling patients with a known or suspected diagnosis of cancer as part of the eligibility criteria; or
  • Includes research endpoints related to cancer, associated  symptoms or established cancer risk factors (including smoking and tobacco-associated studies, surveys, hepatitis or HPV vaccines, etc.); or
  • The local PI plans to exclusively enroll current, former or potential cancer patients into the study

It is difficult to list every possible scenario in which a study would be considered cancer-relevant. In general, this means that it involves cancer patients, uses data, tissue, or blood specimens from cancer patients, or will lead to findings that may be significant to cancer patients. If an investigator is unsure if a study meets cancer-relevant criteria, please contact the SRMC Administrator to determine if the study must be submitted for SRMC review and approval.

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