What is the SRMC?

The Scientific Review and Monitoring Committee (SRMC) is a joint multidisciplinary committee comprised of researchers from the across the UF campus. The committee’s mission is to enhance the quality of cancer research by providing scientific oversight for cancer-relevant research conducted on our campuses.

The committee will ensure effective allocation of Cancer Center resources to support research protocols by evaluating each protocol for:

  • Scientific merit
  • Risk/benefit ratio
  • Biostatistical soundness
  • Resource utilization

A Protocol Review and Management System (PRMS), as defined by the Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG), must be utilized by a cancer center to receive National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation.

NCI Guidelines for a PRMS include the following:

  • A qualified committee of and adequate size and with the breadth of expertise necessary to conduct a critical and fair scientific review of all institutional clinical cancer protocols;
  • A committee with sufficient authority and processes for initiating, monitoring and terminating all cancer clinical research protocols in the institution(s) comprising the Center;
  • Clear criteria and processes for scientific review, taking into account the rationale and study design, potential duplication of studies elsewhere, adequacy of biostatistical input, and feasibility for completion within a reasonable time;
  • Appropriate processes for ensuring prioritization of competing protocols from all sources and optimal use of the Center’s scientific resources;
  • Robust criteria for monitoring trials to ensure they are making sufficient scientific progress; and
  • Adequate and appropriate criteria and process for terminating trials that do not meet scientific goals (trials involving rare diseases are excluded).

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