UFHCC A1 Accelerator Grants


This UFHCC Cancer-Focused A1 Accelerator Grant Program is designed to support promising new research or competitive renewals that have nearly missed funding pay lines. The research must have strong cancer relevance; clinical, basic and population research grants are all acceptable.

For NCI and other cancer-focused NIH proposals, applications that have been scored or ranked within 5% points of the Institute’s published funding pay line will receive automatic bridge funding from the cancer center.  Full-time UFHCC faculty members in Gainesville may apply. Newly recruited Assistant Professors are eligible to apply, whereas newly recruited senior faculty with start-up packages from the cancer center are not eligible.

Award Amount and Duration

  • The maximum award for these grants is $75,000 direct cost for R01s and $50,000 for R21s. No IDC is allowed.
  • The award is for a period of one year and all funds are expected to be expended during that term.


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Applicants should submit their full Federal proposal with a screenshot of their score/percentile.

UFHCC A1-Accelerator Online Form

Early Stage & Early Established Investigators

Early Stage Investigators whose applications scored outside of the 5th percentile range will be considered on an individual basis.

Progress and Outcomes Report

UFHCC  UFHCC A1 Accelerator Proposal Progress and Outcomes Report

UFHCC UFHCC A1 Accelerator Proposal Annual Progress and Outcomes Report

No Cost Extension Request

UFHCC Pilot No Cost Extension Online Form

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