Other Agencies, Foundations and Societies

TitleOrganizationKeywordsLOI Due DateApplication Due Date
ACCR-Lobular Breast Cancer Alliance-Deborah Mueller Foundation Fund Invasive Lobular Carcinoma Innovation and Discovery GrantsAmerican Association for Cancer Researchbreast cancer, innovation, early stage,4/12/2024
Catapult Award ProgramCureSearch for Children's Cancerpediatric cancer, innovation, translational research, clinical trials, personalized medicine1/16/20244/15/2024
Research AwardsFoundation for Women's Wellness (FWW)Lung cancer research, basic and clinical studies4/15/2024
Fellowship AwardsFoundation for Women's Wellness (FWW)Lung cancer research fellowships, postdoctoral training4/15/2024
Young Investigator AwardsProstate Cancer Foundation (PCF)prostate cancer, young investigator, career development, disparities, metastatic, implementation, clinical trials4/15/2024
AACR Cancer Disparities Research FellowshipAmerican Association for Cancer Researchcancer disparities research, early career4/16/2024
THE CRAZY 8 INITIATIVEAlex's Lemonade Stand Foundation Pediatric, oncogenesis, surveillance, treatment, genetics, discovery, genotype, phenotype,1/4/20244/17/2024
Skeletal Metastases and Pathological Fracture Research Grant in Collaboration with the Musculoskeletal Tumor Society (MSTS)Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundationskeleton, tumor, collaborative4/17/2024
NCI / SPORE ProgramGateway for Cancer ResearchEarly-phase, clinical trials, early-stage, ESI4/18/2024
Sprint for Women’s Health ARPA-H innovation, women, health disparities, 4/18/2024
2024 ALSF Innovation GrantAlex's Lemonade Stand FoundationPediatric, clinical, translation, novel approach, ESI10/16/20234/19/2024
2024 Julie Swedberg YOLO AwardA Breath of Hope Lung Foundation (ABOHLF)Lung cancer, advocacy, awareness, community engagement, non-clinical3/1/20244/19/2024
New Investigator Research Grant ProgramLeukemia Research Foundation, Inc.Leukemia, Lymphoma, Translational Research, early-stage, ESI2/16/20244/26/2024
Emerging Leader AwardMark Foundation for Cancer Researchearly career, labortory, data, medical 4/29/2024
Elsa U. Pardee GrantElsa U. Pardee FoundationNovel Treatments, early stage4/30/2024
Oncomine Clinical Research Grant ProgramThermo Fisher ScientificClinical, sequencing, genetics, molecular science, dianostic4/30/2024
Clinical Innovator GrantCancer Research Institute (CRI)outcomes, novel, clinical, biomarkers, translational12/1/20235/1/2024
Major Research GrantsWilliam T. Grant FoundationInequality, pediatric , academic , social, behavioral, economic, programs, policies, practices, testing interventions, 5/1/2024
Supporting Young Breast Cancer Survivors, Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients, and their FamiliesNational Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP)Survivor, treatment, diversity, observational, health disparities,5/6/2024
Career Development Awards for Translational ResearchLUNGevity FoundationTranslational lung cancer research, early-stage investigators2/9/20245/8/2024
Rising Tide/LUNGevity Team Award Program to Target Mechanisms of Resistance AwardLUNGevity FoundationLung cancer resistance mechanisms, collaborative research2/9/20245/8/2024
Clinical Repurposing Research to Impact Veterans/Military - 2024Cures Within ReachMilitary, clinical5/8/2024
PCF Challenge AwardsProstate Cancer FoundationProstate cancer research, Prostate Cancer Foundation, young investigators, health disparities4/8/20245/8/2024
INSPIRE Research ChallengeWorld Cancer Research Fundglobal cancer research, prevention, control3/8/20245/9/2024
ACED: Accelerating Computing-Enabled Scientific DiscoveryNational Science Foundationaccelerating computing-enabled scientific discovery5/13/2024
Robert A. Winn Career Development Award (Winn CDA)Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundationclinical development award, early career5/13/2024
Distributed Array of Small InstrumentsNational Science Foundationdistributed array of small instruments5/15/2024
Community Level Innovations for Improving Health OutcomesDepartment of Health and Human Servicescommunity, outcomes, health disparities, innovation5/15/2024
Victoria’s Secret Global Fund for Women’s Cancers Career Development Award, in partnership with Pelotonia & AACRAmerican Association for Cancer Researchwomen, health disparities, early career, development5/15/2024
Investigator-Initiated Research Grant ProgramAmerican Institute for Cancer Research (AICR)Diet, nutrition, body composition, physical activity, sleep, stress, cancer prevention, treatment, survival, ESI1/19/20245/17/2024
Preclinical Hub (PCH) ProgramChildren's Tumor Foundationpreclinical, clinical, early stage, pediatric, 5/20/2024
The Cure Starts Now Research GrantThe Cure Starts NowIntervention, clinical, pediatric, brain 6/1/2024
AACR Gertrude B. Elion Cancer Research AwardAmerican Association for Cancer Research (AACR)Women in cancer research, outstanding achievements3/4/20246/3/2024
AACR Gertrude B. Elion Cancer Research Award American Association for Cancer Researchcancer research, early career, tenure-track, etiology, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, basic, translational, clinical4/4/20246/3/2024
Next Steps Program: Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarker IdentificationMelanoma Research Alliancemelanoma, research, funding, drug discovery, preclinical, clinical, development, analysis, diagnosis, prognosis, targets, grants6/6/2024
2024 R Accelerated GrantAlex's Lemonade Standearly career, early stage, pediatric 6/6/2024
Research Grants on Understanding Resistance in Lung CancerLung Cancer Research Foundation (LCRF)Lung cancer resistance mechanisms, treatment development3/4/20246/10/2024
Research Grant on Early Detection and Pre-Neoplasia in Lung CancerLung Cancer Research Foundation (LCRF)Early detection of lung cancer, biomarkers3/4/20246/10/2024
Leading Edge Research Grant Program Lung Cancer Research Foundation (LCRF)Innovative lung cancer research, high-impact potential3/4/20246/10/2024
Minority Career Development Award (CDA) in Lung CancerLung Cancer Research Foundation (LCRF)Minority lung cancer researchers, career development3/4/20246/10/2024
EMBODY - Engineering of Immune Cells Inside the BodyARPA-Himmunology5/2/20246/11/2024
Early Career Investigator GrantOvarian Cancer Research AllianceEarly-stage, Ovarian3/27/20246/13/2024
Health Equity Research GrantOvarian Cancer Research AllianceHealth Disparities, Ovarian3/27/20246/13/2024
Collaborative Research Development GrantOvarian Cancer Research AllianceInterdisciplinary collaborations, screening and early detection, etiology and prevention,
molecular therapeutics, cancer biology and genetics
Collaborative Research Development Grant – AIOvarian Cancer Research AllianceInterdisciplinary collaborations, screening and early detection, etiology and prevention,
molecular therapeutics, cancer biology and genetics, AI, Artificial Intelligence
Mentored Investigator GrantOvarian Cancer Research Alliancelaboratory, clinical, epidemiologic or health services, ovarian3/27/20246/13/2024
'A' Award GrantAlex's Lemonade Stand Foundationpediatric, innovation, early career, early stage6/13/2024
Seed Grants for Early-Stage ResearchGastric Cancer FoundationEarly-stage, Gastric cancer, 3/29/20246/14/2024
Mentored Clinician Scientist GrantOrthopaedic Research and Education Foundationearly career, development, clincal6/20/2024
Neuroendocrine Investigator AwardsNeuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation (NETRF/NET Research Foundation)neuroendocrine tumor3/18/20246/24/2024
Neuroendocrine Pilot AwardNeuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation (NETRF/NET Research Foundation)neuroendocrine tumor research, pilot studies3/18/20246/24/2024
Neuroendocrine Mentored Research AwardNeuroendocrine Tumor Research Foundation (NETRF/NET Research Foundation)neuroendocrine tumor research, mentored3/18/20246/24/2024
Sarcoma Research Grants InitiativeAlan B. Slifka Foundation (ABSF)sarcoma, molecular biology, new therapies6/30/20246/30/2024
Program GrantsHearst FoundationsMultidisciplinary, collaborative, team science, non-clinical6/30/2024
SWOG/Hope Foundation Impact AwardThe Hope Foundationclinical oncology research, translational research, patient impact7/1/2024
Damon Runyon Cancer Research FoundationDamon Runyon Cancer Research Foundationcancer research, innovation, clinical trials, young investigators, translational research7/8/2024
PRINT- Personalized Regenerative Immunocompetent Nanotechnology TissueARPA-Himmunology5/28/20247/8/2024
Damon Runyon-Dale F. Frey Award for Breakthrough ScientistsDamon Runyon Cancer Research Foundationearly stage, early career7/15/2024
CureSearch Young Investigator Awards in Pediatric OncologyCureSearch for Children's CancerPediatric oncology, young investigators, early-stage4/14/20247/22/2024
THRIVE grantInternational Life Sciences Institute (ILSI)seed funding, translational potential, collaboration, non-clinical, clinical7/24/2024
2024 ABTA Research Collaboration GrantsAmerican Brain Tumor AssociationBrain Metastasis, Brain Tumors, Cancer Disparities, Precision Medicine, diagnostic, treatment, 2/22/20247/30/2024
Officers' Research GrantsWilliam T. Grant FoundationInequality, pediatric , academic , social, behavioral, economic, programs, policies, practices, testing interventions, 8/7/2024
Triple Negative Breast Cancer Research Foundation-AACR NextGen Grant for Transformative Cancer ResearchAmerican Association for Cancer Research (AACR)breast cancer, early career, innovation, translational, clinical, 5/16/20248/13/2024
Damon Runyon Fellowship AwardDamon Runyon Cancer Research Foundationpostdoctoral fellowship, support8/15/2024
Investigating the Value of Using Patient-Reported Outcomes in Oncology Patient CarePfizerOutcomes, patient care4/25/20248/15/2024
Early Career Investigator Award (Breast Cancer)METAvivorBreast cancer, early-career researchers, independent research, clinical research optional3/12/20248/18/2024
Next Steps Program Characterization of Rare Melanoma Preclinical ModelsMelanoma Research Alliancemelanoma, research, funding, drug discovery, preclinical, development, therapeutics, analysis, biomarkers, diagnosis, clinical trials8/19/2024
2024 Translational Research Award?METAvivorBreast cancer, translational research, bench-to-bedside, clinical implications3/11/20248/22/2024
Postdoctoral Fellowship to Promote Racial DiversityCancer Research Institute (CRI)Cancer research diversity, postdoctoral training, early-stage3/1/20249/1/2024
Immuno-Informatics Postdoctoral Fellowship ProgramCancer Research Institute (CRI)Immuno-informatics research, cancer immunotherapy3/1/20249/1/2024
CRI Irvington Postdoctoral FellowshipCancer Research Institute (CRI)Cancer research training, career development3/1/20249/1/2024
Ideas Lab: Advancing Cell-Free Systems Toward Increased Range of Use-Inspired Applications?National Science FoundationCell-free, innovation, therapuetics,cost reduction, RNA, 5/17/20249/20/2024
Smart Health and Biomedical Research in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Data ScienceNational Science FoundationSmart health, Biomedical research, Artificial intelligence, Advanced data science10/3/2024
Smart Health and Biomedical Research in the Era of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Data Science (SCH)National Science Foundationbiomedical, AI, data, Smart Health, health disparities, 10/3/2024
Clinician Scientist Development Grant (CSDG)American Cancer Society (ACS)Clinician-scientists, career development, cancer research10/15/2024
Discovery Boost Grants (DBG)American Cancer Society (ACS)High-risk, high-reward cancer research, early-stage investigators10/15/2024
Institutional Research GrantsAmerican Cancer Society (ACS)Established cancer research institutions, collaborative research10/15/2024
Research Scholar GrantsAmerican Cancer Society (ACS)Postdoctoral cancer researchers, mentored research training10/15/2024
Mission Boost Grants (MBG)American Cancer Society (ACS)Patient-centered cancer research, community engagement10/15/2024
Postdoctoral FellowshipsAmerican Cancer Society (ACS)Cancer research training, career development10/15/2024
AHEAD (Advancing Health Equity and Addressing Cancer Disparities) AwardsAmerican Cancer Societyearly career, translational cancer research, high-risk, high-reward10/15/2024
Lustgarten Foundation-Swim Across America-AACR Pancreatic Cancer Early Detection Research GrantAmerican Association for Cancer Research (AACR)? Pancreatic cancer, Early detection, 10/16/202311/16/2024
David J. Sugarbaker Surgical Resident Investigator AwardAmerican Association for Thoracic Surgery FoundationSurgical residents, cancer research, pilot studies12/4/2024
Division of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences Core ProgramsNational Science Foundationbioscience, biochemistry, biology12/30/2024
Project Cure CRC: 2024 Request for ProposalsColorectal Cancer AllianceColorectal, clinical, translational, survirorship, early career, early stage12/31/2024
Clinical Trial GrantsFRAXA Research Foundationclinical, early career, fragile X 12/31/2024
SWOG Trial Support (STrS)The Hope FoundationEarly stage12/31/2024
Clinical Investigator AwardSociety of Surgical Oncology (SSO)clinical, translational, surgery, 12/1/2032

*The NCI recognizes 28 agencies with peer reviewed funding systems, a complete list of these agencies can be found here.


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