Cancer Control and Population Sciences Co-Leaders

Dejana Braithwaite, Ph.D.

Dejana Braithwaite, Ph.D., is associate director for population science at the UF Health Cancer Center and serves as a professor in the department of epidemiology and the department of aging and geriatric research. In the role of associate director for population sciences, Dr. Braithwaite joins the executive leadership of the Cancer Center and further develops the strategic goals of addressing the cancer burden of our region through expansion of research in cancer population sciences.

Dejana Braithwaite | Ph.D.

Dr. Braithwaite will establish an innovative cancer population laboratory in collaboration with cancer advocacy and community advisory groups, with a strong focus on the epidemiology of cancer, particularly in regards to the aging and underserved populations of North Central Florida.

Since 2017, Dr. Braithwaite has led the cancer screening group at the Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center in Washington, D.C., where she strengthened transdisciplinary collaborations, built an innovative program and helped accelerate cancer education and training initiatives. From 2007 to 2017, Dr. Braithwaite was an in-residence professor and head of the screening and early detection area of concentration in the department of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of California, San Francisco.

Dr. Braithwaite’s research, supported by numerous National Cancer Institute and foundation-funded grants, focuses on the nexus of cancer and aging, particularly in relation to generating epidemiologic evidence on the benefits and harms of screening for breast and lung cancers in older adults.

Building upon the exceptional infrastructure for aging and geriatric research at the University of Florida, Dr. Braithwaite will work to advance research on geroscience in the context of cancer and enable infrastructure to support the discovery and development of effective strategies to meet the needs of older adults at risk for or diagnosed with cancer in North and Central Florida and beyond. Florida is home to the highest proportion of older adults aged 75 and older in the United States.

Dr. Braithwaite received a Ph.D. in epidemiology from the University of Cambridge, U.K., and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in cancer epidemiology at the University of California, San Francisco.

Janice L. Krieger, Ph.D.

Dr. Krieger is a health communication scientist focused on identifying innovative ways to empower patients and their families in healthcare decision-making as well as reduce barriers that contribute to inequities in cancer prevention and survivorship. Currently, her research focuses on developing interventions utilizing virtual clinicians to improve health-related outcomes for underrepresented populations, particularly rural patients. She has 20 years of experience developing and implementing mHealth interventions that utilize precision messaging techniques to reduce health inequities. She has secured over 10 million in research funding, including serving as PI of a large, randomized clinical trial to reduce colorectal cancer screening inequities (1R01CA207689).

Janice L. Krieger | Ph.D.

Dr. Krieger is a Professor of Advertising and Health Outcomes & Biomedical Informatics and serve as co-leader of the University of Florida Health Cancer Center (UFHCC) Cancer Control & Population Sciences research program and well as founding director of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Medicine) Translational Communication Center. She also co-directs the UF Recruitment Center housed within the Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute. Her interdisciplinary work is published in a variety of well-regarded and high impact journals, including the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. She is also an Associate Editor for the Journal of Communication, the flagship international journal in her field.