Immuno-Oncology and Microbiome Aims


Aim 1: Elucidate Principles of Cancer Immunobiology Relevant to Developing or Improving Immuno-Oncology Therapeutics

  • Identify and validate immunotherapeutic targets 
  • Define mechanisms of immune/stem/tumor cell engagement within the microenvironment
  • Develop therapeutic modalities to augment anti-tumor immunity

Aim 2: Define Microbiome Contribution to Cancer Development, Therapeutics and Immunoactivity

  • Investigate how microbiome-associated metabolites impact anti-tumor immunity
  • Explore how the microbiome modulates carcinogenesis
  • Study how microorganisms affect therapeutic response through drug metabolism

Aim 3: Translate Scientific Discoveries into Early-Phase Clinical Trials

Engaging members in all four UF Health Cancer Center programs through:

  • Disease group mini-retreats
  • Program meetings
  • The IIT Think Tank (i2T3)
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