Cancer Control and Population Sciences Navigator

The research priorities of the Cancer Center cut across and align with three main research programs – one of which is the Cancer Control and Population Sciences (CCPS).  To assist with the development, implementation and future publication of CCPS work, the UF Health Cancer Center has the availability of a CCPS Navigator to assist with cancer-relevant research.

UF Health Cancer Center – Cancer Population Sciences Group

In response to the 2017 requirement for all cancer-related research to undergo review by the Scientific Review and Monitoring Committee (SRMC), in 2019, the CRO established a designated Cancer Control and Population Science (CCPS) Navigator to assist investigators with navigating study activation and ongoing review processes while simultaneously fostering working relationships across each of the CCPS investigator’s study teams and staff. 

Based in the UF Health Cancer Center Clinical Research Office (CRO), the primary role of the CCPS Navigator is to “navigate” investigators and their study teams completing CCPS-related research.  This includes but is not limited to the following: 1) regulatory and ancillary committee review process; 2) work with the PI and their study team to maximize accrual opportunities (in the clinics and community); and 3) connect investigators and their study teams to available resources within the cancer center, and general research community, to meet the needs of completing a research project from start-up to publication.

CCPS Navigator Manual

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For more information about utilizing these complimentary navigator services, please contact Alie Trainor, MPH, CPH, CCRC, CCPS Navigator ( .