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The University of Florida Health Cancer Center Biostatistics & Computational Biology Shared Resource (BCB-SR) provides biostatistical leadership and analytic collaborative support to members of the Cancer Center.

Through this support, the BCB-SR plays a critical role in clinical trials; population-based studies, including epidemiologic, health outcomes/behavior and health disparities research in our catchment area; molecular biology studies, including genome sequencing for translational research and experimental therapeutic studies; and laboratory-based research. 

The BCB-SR is directed by Ji-Hyun Lee, DrPH, with support from Unit Leaders Jason Orr Brant, Ph.D. (Bioinformatics) and Li Chen, Ph.D. (Statistical Genomics).


To provide Cancer Center members with a centralized resource for biostatistics, bioinformatics, computational biology, clinical trial support, and expertise in quantitative science to ensure scientific rigor in cancer research.

Shared Resource Aims

  • Provide collaborative biostatistical, bioinformatics, and computational biology support to Cancer Center members in research study design, data analysis, grant proposals, and manuscript preparation.
  • Enhance transdisciplinary, inter-programmatic research and collaborative team science.
  • Support UF Health Cancer Center clinical trials, including participation in research study design and protocol review by the SRMC and the DISC, thereby ensuring high-quality science, data integrity, and patient safety.
  • Educate Cancer Center faculty, staff, and trainees in current “best practices” in biostatistics, bioinformatics, computational biology, and AI to ensure rigor and reproducibility. Assist Cancer Center members in developing rigorous protocols to comply with upcoming NIH guidelines for research data sharing.


The BCB-SR is a consultative and collaborative SR managed by the UFHCC with no charge for initial consultation for proposal development. Services include:

Biostatistics Support

  • Study design, endpoint selection, and sample size justification/power analysis.
  • Data management, database development, procedures for monitoring data quality, and data analysis.
  • Use of R Markdown/GitHub and SAS macros developed by the BCB-SR to increase the reproducibility and integrity of routine statistical analysis and reports.
  • Assistance in grant preparation, manuscript writing, and report generation as required for special studies, such as clinical trial summaries or data and safety monitoring board reviews.
  • Development of novel statistical methods, tools, or computer programs if currently available approaches are insufficient.
  • Real-time data surveillance for trials, using R shiny apps.
  • Seminars, walk-in clinic, and short courses for members.

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Support

  • Analysis and annotation of high-throughput genomic assays including RNA-Seq, DNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, CUT&RUN, ATAC-Seq, single-cell RNA/DNA sequencing, and data from proteomics and cytometry.
  • Assistance in the development of bioinformatic components of grant proposals, protocols, and manuscripts.
  • Development of analysis tools and pipelines for high-performance computing environments.
  • Application of AI/machine/deep learning methods to multi-source high-dimensional data.
  • Development of novel prediction models using -omics data platforms.
  • Access to short courses for members, staff, and trainees.

Support Request Form

To request support from the Biostatistics & Computational Biology Shared Resource (BCB-SR), please complete and submit this form. Your request will be reviewed promptly and we will schedule an initial meeting to discuss your project, including outlining how and when the resource can assist you.

Virtual Walk-In Clinic

The Biostatistics and Quantitative Shared Resource members invite you to join us every Tuesday via Zoom for the Biostatistics & Bioinformatics Virtual Walk-In Clinic (BB WINC). Together, we will help you conduct statistically and bioinformatically sound research. All UF Health Cancer Center members are welcome to attend. Students, post-docs and trainees with a UF Health Cancer Center associated mentor are also welcome.

Biostatistics & Bioinformatics for Cancer Research 101 Course

The Biostatistics & Bioinformatics for Cancer Research 101 Course is presented in a 12-lecture series. The lectures will teach the basic principles of statistics, bioinformatics, and computational biology including AI. They are intended for those who are in the process of learning biostatistical and bioinformatics applications or for those who desire a refresher course.


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