Developing Shared Resources

Advancing cancer research

The UF Health Cancer Center recognizes the need to have state-of-the-art shared resources to support our membership’s research projects, and promote transdisciplinary collaboration within and between the UFHCC research programs.


These shared resources were identified by our members as an essential component that will expedite technological innovation to advance cancer research.

Cancer Informatics Shared Resource

Cancer informatics focuses on the development, application, and evaluation of innovative informatics methods, models, and tools with the goal of improving cancer outcomes across the cancer care continuum.

Health data

CRISPR Functional Screening Shared Resource

The UF Health Cancer Center CRISPR Functional Screening (CSF) developing shared resource provides cancer researchers with access to the expertise and tools to apply CRISPR-based genome editing approaches to enable functional screening of diverse biological systems relevant to cancer research.

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