Cancer Informatics Shared Resource

Cancer informatics focuses on the development, application, and evaluation of innovative informatics methods, models, and tools with the goal of improving cancer outcomes across the cancer care continuum.  The advancement of cancer prevention, diagnostics, and treatments depends on clinical research and quality improvement efforts, as well as translational and broader population research.  The University of Florida Health Cancer Center (UFHCC) Cancer Informatics Shared Resource (CISR) is equipped to provide expertise and collaboration for investigators across the University of Florida, with a priority on cancer-focused studies.


Cancer care and research are fueled by dataThe primary goal of the CI SR is to facilitate UFHCC business operations, clinical care, quality improvements, and strategic planning, as well as cancer investigators to navigate the complex data and informatics resources including internal and external data sources as well as data management, processing, analytics, and informatics tools and methods.

  • (1) the development of standards and tools for data exchange and interoperability,
  • (2) promoting the academic software development community for innovative informatics capabilities,
  • (3) engaging cancer researchers to identify and prioritize informatics needs in cancer biology and clinical research,
  • (4) ensuring sustainable availability of critical standards-based, interoperable academic/commercial biomedical capabilities, and
  • (5) making large and diverse cancer research data sets sustainably available for analysis, integration, and mining.


  • Help investigators navigate the complex data resources (e.g., IDR and OneFlorida+) at the cancer center and UF campus.
  • Data collection coordination for both clinical and observational studies.
  • Cancer data discovery (e.g., FCDS, SEER-Medicare), modeling, and visualization.
  • Cancer data geospatial analysis and geo-mapping.
  • Web and mobile application development, deployment, and implementation of digital health interventions.

Available Resources

  • OneFlorida+ Data Trust 
  • FCDS Data 
  • SEER-Medicare data (Cancer Sites: Breast, Lung, Prostate, Colorectal, Pancreas, Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma)
  • SEER
  • MarketScan
  • U.S. Census
  • Programmers, development equipment, developmental licenses and server resource
  • Exposome Data: State-of-the-art data on the natural, built, and social environment with high spatiotemporal resolution, e.g., air pollution, climate, noise, food access, green space, walkability, neighborhood SES, housing, vacant land, social capital, crime and safety

Key Focus Areas and Goals

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Cancer Population Sciences

CISR Members

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Jiang Bian, Ph.D.
Director, Cancer Informatics Shared Resource
Associate Professor, Health Outcomes and Biomedical Informatics


Yi Guo, Ph.D.
Technical Director, Cancer Informatics Shared Resource
Assistant Professor, Health Outcomes and Biomedical Informatics


Kayla Martin
Research Coordinator, Cancer Informatics Shared Resource
Research Coordinator, Health Outcomes and Biomedical Informatics


Clinical and Translational Research Building
2004 Mowry Road
Suite 3228
PO Box 100219
Gainesville, FL 32610-0219