Structure-Based Drug Design Core Lab

What is the mission of the Structure-Based Drug Design Core Lab?

To facilitate drug development by combining structure-based methods with strengths of University of Florida researchers with applied goals.

What services does the Structure-Based Drug Design Core Lab provide?

Drug development resources are available for:

What are the costs associated with these services?

X-ray crystallography

  • $500: Crystallization trials
  • $2,000: X-ray data collection and structure determination

Molecular docking

  • $1,000 per site

Lead optimization

  • $1,000 per site

Does the Structure-Based Drug Design Core Lab have any new services it anticipates adding soon?

Yes, we are offering structure-based screening services to researchers using multiple chemical libraries.

  1. UF College of Pharmacy library consisting of 145 new chemical entities
  2. 1,217 FDA approved drugs
  3. 139,735 National Cancer Institute developmental therapeutics program small molecule library

How should you contact the Structure-Based Drug Design Core Lab to engage its services in a project or ask advice?

Please contact the Structure-Based Drug Design Core Lab and email Dr. David Ostrov to request advice and services. If possible, provide information on:

  1. Project goal
  2. Name of the molecular target protein (sequence if possible)
  3. Description of assay to measure functional activities
David A Ostrov
Department: MD-PATHOLOGY

David A Ostrov

Associate Professor
Phone: (352) 273-8166

This core is available to Cancer Center members. To become a member of the UF Health Cancer Center, please visit the Membership Policy and Application site. For further questions about Cancer Center membership, please contact

How can you provide feedback on the Structure-Based Drug Design Core Lab?

The UF Health Cancer Center is interested in learning how this service did or did not meet your needs and whether you have any suggestions for improvement. To provide feedback about the Structure-Based Drug Design Core Lab, please send all comments to