TRC Human shRNA Library

What is the mission of the TRC shRNA Library?

To supply TRC Lentiviral Human shRNA clones to UF Health researchers.

What services does the TRC shRNA Library provide?

The TRC shRNA Library provides the following service:

  • Supply and Distribution of TRC Lentiviral Human shRNA clones

The TRC shRNA constructs were designed using an siRNA rules based algorithm consisting of sequence, specificity, and position scoring for optimal hairpins. The hairpin consists of a 21-base stem and a 6-base loop. The hairpins were cloned into the pLKO1 vector and sequence verified.

It covers roughly 15,000 human genes and multiple (4 to 5) constructs were created for each target gene. The pLKO1 lentiviral vector enables efficient transduction of primary and non-dividing cells, such as neuronal cells, making it easy to perform RNAi studies in these hard to transfect cell lines. Stable selection is also possible using the puromycin selectable marker (Dharmacon, a Horizon Discovery Group Co.).

Currently, these clones are not subdivided into tumor types. An investigator would have to know what genes they were interested in looking at in order to request the shRNA targeted clone(s) against that specific gene.

Does the TRC shRNA Library have any new services it anticipates adding soon?

No plan to add any additional services at this time.

How should you contact the TRC shRNA Library to engage its services in a project or ask advice?

Investigators interested in utilizing the TRC shRNA Library should contact Greg Tyler at either or 352-273-8263.

This core is available to individuals who are Cancer Center members.  In order to become a member of the UF Health Cancer Center, please visit the Membership Policy and Application site.  For further questions about membership with the UF Health Cancer Center, please contact

How can you provide feedback on the TRC shRNA Library?

Clients are welcome to provide feedback on the TRC shRNA Library. To provide feedback about your service, please send all comments to Greg Tyler at

How can you site the library in a scientific publications?

In scientific publications, the library should be referred to as TRC-Hs1.0 (Human). Individual clones are uniquely identified by their TRC ID number (eg. TRCN0000014783).


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