Lung Cancer Research Working Group

Lung Cancer

The mission of the Lung Cancer Research Working Group is to bring together basic, translational and clinical researchers to strengthen lung cancer research with the goal of reducing this major cancer burden in our catchment area and beyond.

The objectives of the group are to (1) Promote existing and new lung cancer research from bench to bedside; (2) Enhance the collaborations among the UF Health Cancer Center research programs: Mechanisms of Oncogenesis (MOO), Cancer Therapeutics & Host Response (CTHR), and Cancer Control and Population Sciences (CCPS); and (3) Develop MPI and PO1 projects.

The meetings include discussions of general topics of lung cancer ranging from reagents and animal models to clinical lung cancer management with integration of biomarkers and molecular testing that might suggest future experiments or collaborations among participants.

For more information about the group, please contact Frederic Kaye, M.D. at or Lizi Wu, Ph.D. at